Petition for Temporary Moratorium on Large Projects Along Arsenal Street

The Watertown Concerned Citizens Group (WCCG) is calling for a temporary moratorium on large projects along Arsenal Street. The petition reads:

PETITION: we the undersigned support a temporary moratorium on large projects along Arsenal Street in Watertown for up to one year, while a master plan for the corridor is developed and zoning is re-written with input from all stakeholders! Repairs and simple renovations to existing buildings for pre-existing uses should not be affected.

If you wish to support this, print out the petition (pdf 67 KB) and get your neighbors to sign it. Filled out petitions should be returned to the 40-42 Washburn St. porch box by 5pm on Tues 6/24 for review before the Town Council meeting begins. Copies of the petition and flyer/map (pdf 741 KB) showing the area (in case you cannot print out your own) may be found at 48 Chester St, or at 34 Parker St. (red house).

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