Hawthorne Area Neighborhood Group Comments on 202 Arsenal 2/2/14

Questions/issues to bring up at Thursday's meeting

Green issues

Want more green space/sidewalk space/cafe space right on Arsenal (consider example of Lexington Center)

Green roofs

Tree planting--set buildings back to allow tree strip

Barrier trees at end of Franklin and Birch Streets

Car/Traffic issues

Change traffic pattern in Watertown Square to avoid congestion and encourage pedestrian use and independent/local businesses. Get developers to agree to support this as part of the deal. We want Watertown Sq to be a destination for shoppers and small businesses.

Consider a shuttle bus system from residential development on Arsenal to W. Square

Timing of trucks making deliveries to the supermarket

Wider Sidewalks

Bus down Pleasant Street, Arsenal route?

Fewer car parking spaces required than residents in the development--encourage car-free living

Other issues

We would like to see use of water-permeable paving materials

Bike paths from Birch through to Arsenal

Balance of apartments for single people and those with families

Public art

Standards for Historic buildings in the Square, like attractive blinds in large windows facing the Square. Focus on ways to make W. Sq more attractive.

Respectfully submitted,


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